Top 10 Floral Design Ideas For Spring

Floral Design Tips

Springtime in Britain can certainly be unpredictable. However, there is no better way to banish the winter blues and usher in the joy and optimism of the new season, than by bringing beautiful spring blooms into your home. Whether you prefer wildflowers, greenery or brightly coloured tulips, here are my top 10 floral design ideas for spring.

Green and white

A classic springtime colour combination, green and white creates a crisp, fresh look. Perfect for lifting our spirits as we emerge from the cooler months.

Accentuate with fruit

Incorporating a fruity accent into your floral design is an elegant way to add a touch of individuality.

Pick bright accent colours

Create a focal point for your flower arrangement by adding a brightly coloured flower, such as a sunflower.

Use an anusual container

An unsual container, such as an old teapot forraged from a charity shop or a watering can, adds a touch of vintage chic to your flower arrangement.

Combine rich, warm hues

Deep, warm purples and pinks are just perfect for warming our hearts and our homes in springtime.

Add a single bloom

If you’re short on time, a quick and effective way to brighten up any room is to use a single branch or flower. It’s a simple and elegant way to add a touch of spring to your home. 

Use shapes to create movement

Include a variety of different shapes in your flower arrangement. Different elements such as fern leaves and small palm leaves, with their various lengths and sizes, help to create a sense of movement.

Disguise stems with fruit

Adding fruit to your vase, especially citrus fruit such as oranges, lemons or limes, disguises stems in a creative way.

Use unusual ingredients

Adding unusual ingredients to your floral designs, such as seasonal vegetables, creates an interesting table concept for table decorations and centrepieces. It’s also a real talking point!

Use dried flowers

Dried flowers, whether used on their own or as part of a fresh flower arrangement, bring another dimension and texture to your design. Lavender in particular, lends a beautiful aroma to your room, as well as its vibrant colour.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of Spring floral arrangement tips and have gained inspiration for your own designs.

What are your favourite floral arrangement ideas?

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